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If I could, I would keep the secret of Bii's Program all to myself. Researched all the other implant courses in Australia, hands down Prof Brener’s Program is the best value packed important program in Australia. It will change the way you practice dentistry right from the beginning, whether you are an associate or a practice owner. It exceeded all my expectations and completely changed the course of my professional practice!


Dr Morris Dong, Sydney, NSW

Bii's Master Implant Program is a fantastic way of establishing the basics through to advanced implant fundamentals, while also equipping you with essential treatment planning concepts and surgical training.

Prof Brener and staff are super supportive and always there to guide your learning. Highly recommended!!


Dr Eva Kot, Bargara, QLD


I have done several implant courses in the past, but Bii's Master Implant Program is by far the best one.

It is comprehensive and detailed and I feel I have been given the best foundation to base my implant dentistry on.

I now feel confident to treatment plan and place implants on my own. The teaching set up was excellent.

Prof Brener’s support staff and administration is outstanding. And above all, it was a lot of fun and the glass of wine on Fridays a winner! Thank you.


Dr Vilia Palamountain, Adelaide, SA


I am so pleased that I made the decision to do this Program. Dan and his team are fantastic. I have learnt so much this year and the best part of all is that I have put it into practice immediately. Thoroughly recommend Bii's Master  Implant Program. Also we had the best time every month, made friends for life and ate good food!


Dr Alejandra Nineham, Sydney, NSW


Master Implant Program at Bii is one of the most comprehensive implant training programs available. A/Prof Brener and his team provide you with an excellent balance of theory and practice that will you give you the confidence to provide implants in your own practice. I would highly recommend this Program for any dentist wishing to provide implants safely and effectively to their patients. Since completing the year long Master Implant Program at Bii, I have been able to increase my implant case acceptance and productivity. I would highly recommend this Program to anyone planning on, or already providing, implants to their patients!


Dr Robby Sehmi, Stanhope Gardens, NSW


Bii's Master Implant Program is a thorough Program, so elegantly structured that you can come back to redo the courses you want at any stage. The personal interest of the professors who literally hold your hand and encourage you to look above and beyond and come to the party with a logical decision making process is amazing. I would encourage everyone to do this Program so that they have that 'decision tree' in mind when treating patients.


Dr Anil Bhattiprolu, Perth, WA


Attending the Master Implant Program at Brener Implant Institute has been a turning point in my career. Over the course of the year, the logically structured and evidence-based program has helped me expand my skills, knowledge and passion for not just implant surgery but dentistry in general. The perfect combination of lectures, course notes and reference material, live surgical demonstrations, hands-on pig jaw and human cadaver workshops, and of most benefit of all, the opportunity to plan and carry out implant and bone graft surgeries for one's own patients in a safe environment with an experienced specialist by your side, amount to a very comprehensive learning experience. I would recommend the Program with equal enthusiasm to those dentists with and without implant surgery experience. Dan Brener and his friendly and dedicated administrative team make the whole process an absolute pleasure. Not only did I regain my spark in dentistry this year, I also made a few new friends along the way!


Dr Chris Warren, Miranda and Camden, NSW


The Program initially sounds expensive which is why I kept putting I off. Had I known the skills I would learn are so amazing I realise that indeed it is value for money.


Having seen the fliers/advertisements for Bii for a few years and tossing up the idea of attending, I finally committed to doing the Program and immediately regretted not signing up years earlier. To those out there that are unsure, this is a thorough and comprehensive implant program taught by the very hands-on A/Prof Brener. You will not regret doing this Program and will walk away with the skills to not only place implants, but perform more challenging procedures such as sinus lifts and block grafts.


Do yourself a favour and take the Program.


Dr Ersoy Kumsuz, Auburn, NSW


My biggest regret is not doing the Bii Master Program earlier. The Program is very thoughtfully designed around the students' needs and is an excellent combination of theory and practicals. It is so thoughtfully designed that the necessary skills to perform a procedure are well organised and incorporated into every course throughout the Program. Every step of the procedure that requires training is incorporated. The Master Program can be done separately as Prosthetic Program or Surgical Program, however it makes so much sense when you do it all together. I found that every component made sense as the Program progressed.


Dr Kavita Rana, QLD


I found that one of the greatest advantages of the programs run by Bii is that they are updated constantly and designed in a way that it is useful to occasionally redo a segment to sharpen one’s skills or to update ones knowledge to current thinking. So much so that I have redone quite a few of them over the past 5 years.


Dr Dimitrios Thanos, Sydney, NSW


After completing the entire Brener Implant Institute (Bii) Master Implant Program and the All-on-4 courses I am more confident in offering my patients implant rehabilitation. It's a comprehensive Program which enables practitioners to practice implant dentistry in a predictable and successful way. Dan Brener's expertise and support is invaluable throughout the Program. I am now able to offer my patients the full spectrum of progressive implant services including bone grafting and All-on-4. I highly recommend Bii to practitioners wishing to learn implant dentistry or advance their skills.


Dr Helen Voronina, Melbourne, Victoria


A Program like none other in Australia. Bii Master Implant Program caters for dentists of all experience levels. It is conducted at a pace that makes it easy to comprehend. The theory is in depth and thorough and the hands-on surgical experience allows you to gain the confidence to do what you have learned in your own practice. If you are interested in learning about implant surgery, bone grafting surgery or sinus lift surgery, Brener Implant Institute has the program for you.


Dr Andrew See, Wentworthville, NSW


The program run by Brener Implant Institute (Bii) is, simply put, the most interesting hands on program I have ever enrolled in. Dan Brener and the Faculty at Brener Implant institute have had a very large impact on my profitability, but also in renewing my interest in dentistry by expanding the types of services I can provide to my patients. The program enabled me to learn, observe and carry out new techniques in surgery that can be applied in other aspects of dentistry, not just in placing implants. Bii goes above and beyond what one would expect in order to teach the most advanced implant techniques in a way that does not overwhelm the newly initiated dental practitioner. The most profound result to my practice is that dentistry has become much more interesting, resulting in both myself and my staff having a much happier and rewarding professional career. I am very grateful to Dan Brener and his team for everything they have taught me and I am happy to give Brener Implant Institute my highest recommendation.


Dr Dimitrios Thanos, Sydney, NSW


Thank you Dan Brener. An amazing learning curve of hands on surgery, you've taken the mystery out of bone grafting that I would never have been able to perform without your comprehensive guidance.


Dr Henry Sinclair, Coolum Beach, Queensland


Simply put, Bii Master Implant Program is comprehensive in offering the scientific basis, treatment planning, hands-on surgical experience and clinical back-up. If you want to learn about implants, do the Program!


Dr Mark Rosenberg, Mosman, NSW


Attending Brener Implant Institute (Bii) has been one of the best spent years of my post graduate career. Recognising that this area of dentistry is one of the fastest growth areas of the profession I was keen to introduce and provide this service to my patients. I was also aware that Implant dentistry is a complex discipline involving an understanding and knowledge of both the surgical and prosthetic aspects to really deliver a high standard of care. This is where Bii Master Implant Program stands out head and shoulders above any other implant program in Australia. Since completing the  Program I have built a brand new facility including a dedicated implant centre which has added challenge and excitement to the careers of my staff and myself. The prosthetic planning knowledge gained from Bii Master Implant Program allows me to work closely with referring practitioners to achieve the desired outcome they are looking for. It has also added another income stream to my practice which is showing strong growth on a monthly basis. My only regret is I did not attend the Program years ago!


Dr Brian Johnston, Ballarat, NSW




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