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Surgical 5

Hands-on Frozen Cadaver Surgical Grafting and Implants

(10 CPD)   Pre-requisite Surgical 4

Program attendance is strictly limited

Course Outline

Performing surgery on frozen cadavers is extremely life-like. Participants will perform the procedures and experience the use of the operating microscope. Included are: Atraumatic tooth removal and ridge preservation techniques, flap design and advanced suturing, tissue relief to allow tension free flap closure, mental nerve exposure, piezo harvesting of bone, block graft harvest and trephine bur harvest, barrier membrane manipulation and tacking, lateral wall and transcrestal approach to the maxillary sinus and dental implant placement.


Hands-on training and live surgical demonstrations are an integral feature of Surgical 5.


Please contact Bii at (02) 9922 4455 for further details and fees.

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Course Topics

Course Objectives

Soft tissue principles of bone grafting: including flap

  design, flap extension, soft tissue closure and suturing

General principles of intraoral autogenous donor bone sites

Keys to bone grafting

Trephine harvesting of bone from the ramus and chin

Ramus & tuberosity donor graft procedures

Symphysis donor graft procedure

Extraoral autogenous donor bone harvest sites

Surgical options C bone

Prosthetic options C bone

D1 bone / C bone

Immediate load - partially edentulous


Perform atraumatic extraction and socket preservation procedures


Undertake various flap design procedures


Master tissue release procedures to expand flaps to allow tension

free closure


Employ layered suturing techniques to ensure flap stability


Prepare root form osteotomies and place implants in the different

bone densities


Perform site development procedures related to hard tissue healing


Appreciate the need for a “layered” approach for growth factors

involved in large volume bone grafts


Perform methods to increase platelet rich plasma (PRP/PRF/CGF) and learn the advantages for soft tissue as well as hard tissue on bone grafting


Perform the step-by-step procedure with piezo surgical devices for

harvesting a ramus and/or body of the mandible for block bone grafts


Establish the skills and techniques for block fixation necessary for

predictable bone grafting




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