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Surgical 4

Advanced Bone Grafting - Sinus Grafts and  Versah Osseodensification

(20 CPD)   Pre-requisite Surgical 3


This regenerative course encompasses the surgical approach to

and treatment planning of the posterior maxilla, which includes

sinus elevation and sinus surgery complications. The indications

for transcrestal and lateral wall sinus graft approaches are defined. The rationale and indications for simultaneous implant and graft placement versus delayed implant placement are presented.

This course will certify you in the use of the Versah Osseodensification System in relation to sinus elevation..


Hands-on training workshops and live surgical demonstrations are an integral feature of Surgical 4.


Live Surgery - Participants are encouraged to perform surgery on their own patients under Bii supervision and mentorship.

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Treatment planning of the edentulous maxilla

Maxillary sinus patient evaluation, pathological assessment and pharmacology

Maxillary sinus anatomy, pathology and histology

Sinus graft materials

Surgical approach and treatment plans in the posterior maxilla

The use of Piezo surgery In sinus grafting

The use of Versah Osseodensification instrumentation in bone spreading and elevation of the floor of the maxillary sinus

Keys to sinus bone grafting

Sinus graft - materials

Sinus surgery complications

Sinus lift

Transcrestal approach

Lateral wall approach

Implant surgery for D4 bone density

Implant surface conditions


Describe and perform the sinus graft procedure in the edentulous posterior maxilla


Define and describe the different approaches to the maxillary sinus graft in an orderly and logical protocol


Understand the use of osseodensification in bone spreading, implant site dilation, osseodensification and trans-crestal implant site development lifting the sinus floor to avoid lateral wall sinus procedures and allow immediate graft and implant placement


Learn the use of Piezo surgery and other necessary instrumentation to perform the sinus lift procedure in hands on laboratories


Learn to use the various instrumentation and their use to perform predictable sinus graft surgery


Understand the unique conditions of the maxillary sinus and how this relates to the choice of graft materials


Understand the difference between and indications for sinus lift and transcrestal graft procedures


Understand the rationale and indications for simultaneous implant placement during the lateral wall sinus graft approach


Understand the occlusal schemes necessary to protect implants placed into the posterior maxilla


Understand the anatomy of the maxillary sinus and the intricate relationships to the remaining paranasal sinuses and the eye


Diagnose and recognise common pathological findings in the maxillary sinus and understand when specialist referral is indicated prior to sinus grafting procedures


Understand the pharmacological protocol indicated to prepare a patient for sinus graft surgery


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