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Surgical 3

Appositional Grafting, including Particulate and Membrane Grafting, use of

Autologous Stem Cells and Peri-implantitis Solutions

(20 CPD)   Pre-requisite Surgical 2

Course Outline

This regenerative course focuses on barrier membrane particulate bone grafts. The volume of bone and related procedures covered in this course is for appositional augmentation. The game changing Versah bone drilling system is demonstrated to treat ridges effectively and avoid the need for grafting in the correct circumstances. Bone grafting materials – alloplasts, allografts and the use of autologous blood draws for Autologous Stem Cell Harvest and manufacture of advanced platelet rich fibrin (A-PRF), injectable platelet rich fibrin (i-PRF) and the use of fibrin glue. Advanced surgical techniques of tissue release (Soft Brushing) and advanced surgical site closure techniques are presented in detail along with bone physiology and metabolism. Indications for extraction and immediate implant insertion, esthetic complication of implant position and angulation are also covered in detail.


Phlebotomy training, hands-on training surgical workshops and live surgical demonstrations are an integral feature of Surgical 3.


Live Surgery - Participants are encouraged to perform surgery on their own patients under Bii supervision and mentorship.

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Course Topics

Course Objectives

Advanced soft tissue management

Barrier membranes and their manipulation

  and placement

Versah drill system in conjunction with ridge

  expansion and particulate grafting

Venepuncture laboratories manipulation of

  Advanced Platelet

Rich Plasma in membranous and injectible forms

Bone growth factors (PRF)

Osteoplasty prior to implant placement

Basic keys for bone grafting

Treatment planning

Narrow diameter implants

Understand the 3 surgical options for sufficient bone volume (Division B)


Perform venepuncture blood draw and prepare blood spins of platelets

to incorporate into the graft


Undertake various flap design procedures


Recognise the different flap design and incision techniques necessary

to expand soft tissue to achieve tension free closure of the graft site


Master tissue release procedures to expand flaps to allow tension

free closure


Understand different surgical techniques to enhance and obtain ideal

soft tissue around esthetic zone implants


Employ layered suturing techniques to ensure flap stability


Comprehend the morphology of bone and plan the necessary keys to

add to obtain predictable regenerative results


Learn to safely harvest autologous bone to add to the particulate graft mix


Trephine harvesting of bone from the mandibular ramus and chin


Understand the indications for and perform alveolectomy prior to

implant placement


Recognise the resorption rate of the various osteoconductive particulate materials available and their effect on graft maturations


Recognise the need of material layering to obtain predictable width enhancement of particulate bone grafts


Recognise and perform the necessary hard tissue site preparation and securing of the membrane prior to l graft placement


Perform the procedures of site preparation to membrane fixation, autologous bone harvesting, layered graft placement and suture closure

in pig’s head laboratory


Appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of implant placement

in conjunction with tooth extraction


Recognise and treat short and long term postoperative complications

of appositional graft procedures


Understand the biological basis (materials, mechanics and implant-tissue interface) and interactions between dental implants and host tissues


Understand and implement the correct pharmacological protocol for particulate graft surgery


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