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Surgical 2

Surgical Implant Placement and Treatment of Surgical Complications

(20 CPD)   Pre-requisite Prosthetic 3

Course Outline

The surgical placement of dental implants is the focus of this course.

The clinical application of the knowledge gained from the CBCT / CT diagnosis of bone morphology and density is translated into the safe surgical placement of the dental implant. The indications for single and two stage implant placement, design of flaps and the handling of the soft tissue in the posterior and the esthetic zones, along with the indications for flapless and completely guided placement is taught in depth. The use of the Versah drill system revolutionising densification of the implant osteotomy and drastically shortening time to prosthetic loading.

The short and long term complications of soft and hard tissue handling in the esthetic zone in single tooth and multiple tooth replacement and methods to address these are demonstrated.


Hands-on training workshops and live surgical demonstrations are an integral feature of Surgical 2. Versah Worksop.


Live Surgery - Participants are encouraged to perform surgery on their own patients under Bii supervision and mentorship.

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Course Topics

Course Objectives

Dental implant placement surgery

Practical surgical anatomy

Spread of Infection in the head and neck

Suturing techniques

Employ layered suturing techniques to ensure

  flap stability

Local anesthesia

Stage 11 Surgery: implant uncovery and treatment

  of healing complications

Methods to treat Division A Bone

Mental foramen location

Surgery in the posterior mandible

Anterior mandible anatomy

Dental implant design considerations

Bone density related surgery - game changing Versah system

Short and long term implant complications

Injuries to the trigeminal nerve, diagnosis,

  assessment and management

Radiographic interpretation of the maxillary sinus

Treatment planning

Computer guided implant surgery

Use CBCT/CT to correctly diagnose the bony morphology in the partially edentulous patient and relate this to implant surgical placement


Understand the different surgical protocols needed for different bone densities


Design tissue incisions in the esthetic zone and understand the reflection and manipulation of different tissue types


Describe and perform the step-by-step protocol of the Brånemark surgical approach for root form implant with “osseointegration” as the treatment goal


Review and perform the pharmacological and surgical protocols for dental implant placement


Review the different componentry needed for completely guided implant placement


Understand implant placement in abundant and compromised bone and the surgical implications of the opposing anatomical landmarks


Understand the implications of crestal module design on soft tissue emergence


Understand the selection of abutments and the abutment material


Describe the unique implant design requirements for narrow implant designs


Understand bone biology in relation to osteotomy preparation and techniques to prevent necrosis in dense bone and obtain adequate primary stability in

soft bone


Recognise and diagnose complications of altered nerve sensation as a post-operative complication in the placement of implants in the posterior mandible


Use CBCT/CT to correctly diagnose the path of the inferior dental nerve and design computerised depth limiting guides to prevent damage to this

important structure


Recognise the principles of osteoinduction, osteoconduction and osteogeneses  in relation to implant placement


Know the long and short term complications of implant surgery and the treatment of these significant complications


Understand and safely administer oral sedation for implant surgical procedures


Learn the surgical technique of bone condensation rather than osteotomy for implant placement in D4 bone

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