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Protocols 1

Essential Implant Treatment Protocols, 3D and Digital Photographic

Treatment Planning and Sequencing

(20 CPD)

Course Outline

This implant course focuses on essential dental implant treatment protocols, 3D and digital photographic treatment planning and sequencing.


There are more than 50 dental criteria that influence implant supported prostheses. These criteria are identified and given importance relative to long and short-term complications. Radiographic stent design and CT scan interpretation are presented in lecture and hands on laboratory procedures. This will enable treatment planning of cases for the Surgical and Prosthetic training courses. Atraumatic tooth removal and socket preservation techniques are presented to allow the practitioner to embark on these treatment aspects.


Hands-on training workshops are an integral feature of Protocols 1.

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Course Topics

Course Objectives

Incorporation of dental implants into your practice

Marketing of dental implants

Patient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning

Rationale for implants

Diagnostic imaging

CBCT/ CT Radiographic interpretation

CT Scan related surgical techniques and templates

Use of 3-dimensional software

Prosthetic options in implant dentistry

Available bone volume

Bone Density and volume

Stress factors in implant dentistry

Implant number / size

Single tooth treatment options

Medical evaluation of the implant patient

Patient documentation

Pharmacological consideration in implant dentistry

Oral sedation

Pre-implant prosthetics

Ridge preservation, tooth extraction and socket grafting

Therapeutic Goods Administration documentation


Appreciate the advantages and methods for practice management in

an implant practice


Understand the importance of complete and partial edentulism as a universal health problem


Appreciate the history and development of implant dentistry from its

early stages to current and future trends


Learn to use 3-dimensional planning software


Understand prosthetically driven surgical implant treatment planning


Conduct step by step thorough dental history and clinical evaluation

of implant patients


Obtain the correct dental, medical, psychological and financial history

of the patient in order to develop a protocol for implant treatment


Know when to institute referral procedures to allied medical and

dental specialists


Describe the maxillary and mandibular anatomical landmarks that

place limitations on implant treatment


Consider the bony topography and bone density in the prosthetically

driven treatment plan


Understand the requirements, design and manufacture of diagnostic

and surgical templates


Recognise the different prosthetic options for implant dentistry


Atraumatic tooth removal and ridge preservation techniques


Apply basic bone grafting procedures with the extraction of a natural tooth


Learn how to work with the Therapeutic Goods Administration

Special Access Scheme


Scheme to use advanced graft materials not yet registered with the TGA


Understand the pharmacological, logistical and medical requirements

for the use of oral sedation


Recognise the different types and designs of dental implants


Assess available bone quality and quantity in relation to diagnostic imaging procedures


Perform radiographic interpretation for partial and completely

edentulous patients with moderate bone volume


Understand the prosthetic options for moderate bone volume based

upon desire, biomechanics and needs of the patient


Determine and assess local conditions which effect the surgical or prosthetic implant treatment


Understand how the biomechanical aspects of stress affect implant treatment planning


Understand the effect of key implant position, force factors, available

bone density, implant design and size on treatment planning

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Bii programs are fully CPD compliant with current Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development


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