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Maximise Your Learning Experience.

The Brener Implant Institute (Bii)

Master Implant Program offers

6 weekends of prosthetic and surgical

implant courses over a 1-year period.

120 CPD

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Master Implant Program Features

Comprised of both prosthetic and surgical implant courses

Covers all phases of implant prosthetic and surgical treatment

For the experienced implant clinician as well as the novice, courses are organised

   to give participants a confident progression of knowledge and skill

Practical hands-on implant training that is immediately useful to participants

Live surgical demonstrations

Live surgery on your own patients under Bii supervision

Models, equipment and instrumentation for hands-on training and demonstration

3D and digital photographic treatment planning and sequencing

Restorative guidelines which (a) streamline implant prosthetics, (b) enhance the

  aesthetic results, and (c) increase prosthesis survival

Comprehensive lectures and a set of your own lecture notes

Office protocols and relevant documentation to prepare patients for surgical attendance

A set of your own course information

Interaction with like-minded participants of the Program

Restaurant lunches, in-house catering, refreshments and evening drinks

Certificate of attendance

Fully compliant with DBA Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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Hands-on Training Workshop Features

Hands-on training workshops are integral to every course

Instruction on reading and interpreting 3D treatment planning and execution

Fixed and removable implant prosthetics

Laboratory-fabricated and CADCAM-fabricated surgical guides

Digital prosthetic and surgical workflow

Implant placement on prosthetic models and pigs jaws

Suturing technique and flap design on pig jaws

Use of acellular dermal matrices for bone grafting technique on pig jaws

Contemporary state-of-the-art and evidence based surgical techniques,

  including piezo surgery implant placement and bone grafting, as well as certification

  in the revolutionary game changing Versah Osseodensification System

Advanced socket preservation techniques

Particulate bone grafting for ridge augmentation utilizing surgical screws and tacks

Prosthetic and Surgical Courses

Bii's Master Implant Program is comprised of both prosthetic and surgical implant courses. Hands-on training workshops are integral to every course.


Safe and Predictable Implant Placement

Bii's Master Implant Program provides contemporary information together with hands-on training on the most state of the art evidence based techniques and procedures to make implant placement safe and predictable.

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Logical Course Sequence

Bii's Master Implant Program builds on information from course to course in a logical manner.

The Program curriculum is divided between the biomedical and biomechanics sciences related to implant dentistry and clinical implant education.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Bii's Master Implant Program provides a combined

120 CPD points of lectures, hands-on laboratory experience, live surgical demonstrations and

live surgery.


Brener Implant Institute programs and courses

are fully compliant with current DBA Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development.

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