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Advanced 1


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Advanced 1

Graftless Surgical Solutions for Full Arch Rehabilitation (All-on-4)

(Credit hours TBD)

Pre-requisite is completion of Bii Master Implant Program

Program attendance is strictly limited

Program Outline

This Bii program covers the surgical aspects of the All-on-4 treatment. Imaging, armamentarium, and clinical techniques needed for this treatment modality are presented. This program builds on the Prosthetic 3 Course, taking into account the surgical keys for implant placement with differing bone densities, treatment of the aesthetic and phonetic requirements, space requirements, laboratory communication, insertion techniques post-operative follow-up and hygiene requirements are key to this treatment.


Participants will be expected to provide a patient to complete an arch of immediate load surgery under Bii supervision and mentorship.


Hands-on training and live surgical demonstration are an integral feature of Advanced 1.


Fees for Advanced 1 upon registering.


Please contact Bii at (02) 9922 4455 for more information.

© Brener Implant Institute (Bii)

Program Topics

Program Objectives

Patient evaluation and treatment planning

Rationale for immediate load of full arches

Presurgical prosthodontics

Esthetic and phonetic requirements

Space requirements

Visual surgical planning

Minimally invasive surgery

Bone density and loading protocols

Alternatives to bone grafting

Healthcare ethics

Anatomical grounding

Tilted implants - biomechanical aspects and survival rates


Treatment planning - pre- and post-operative radiographic

  examinations and 3D imaging

Prosthetic restoration - impressions, registration and

  jaw relationships

Laboratory communication and collaboration

Follow-up protocols

Dental hygiene requirements

Post insertion complications

Zygomatic anchorage and the Zygomatic implant


Complete the surgical implant placement and prosthetic issue of an arch with an immediate load fixed prosthesis


Co-ordinate the surgical and laboratory phases of treatment


Explain the anatomical maxillary and mandibular considerations and limitations in relation to immediate load of full arches


Understand the requirements and design of diagnostic and surgical templates


Recognise diagnostic imaging procedures for the assessment of the edentulous arch


Establish a systematic and organise approach to the surgical and prosthetic techniques for this modality of treatment

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